Apr 25, 2014

Francesco Santaniello

Cantautore, compositore, chitarrista, produttore e artista indipendente nato a Napoli il 18.12.1970. Vive a Bologna.

Nel ottobre del 2013 ha pubblicato il suo nuovo album Abbondanza con tre singoli estratti : Abbondanza , Buona Vita, Strega.


Francesco Santaniello, born in Naples, but lives in Bologna Italy.
Recently released his new CD entitled Abbondanza free downloads:


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Francesco Santaniello - Abbondanza 

(Abbondanza 2013) 


Il vero creatore divino è dentro ciascuno di noi. E' colui che guida consapevolmente la sua vita e crea il suo destino. E' questa la grande alchimia; la vera magia.

Dall'album Abbondanza ( 2013 )
Testi e Musica Francesco Santaniello
Arrangiamenti Roberto Della Vecchia e Sergio De Angelis
Registrato e missato da Sergio De Angelis al Naradastudio Napoli
Riprese video e montaggio Valerio Pandolfi
Prodotto da Francesco Santaniello

Copyright Siae (2013)

Musicisti/ Musicians:
Francesco Santaniello voce e chitarra acustica
Roberto della Vecchia piano e tastiere
Mariano Barba batteria
Corrado Calignano basso
Pippo Seno chitarra acustica ed elettrica
Francesco Di Vicino cori
Sergio De Angelis percussioni

Buongiorno Signor Creatore
l'abbondanza si riversa nel cuore
La preghiera del mattino ?
Creatore tu del tuo destino
Ora il canale è aperto
bussa l'energia nel petto
l'energia dell'universo
luce manifesto

Invisibile sostanza

Alchimista Creatore il rancore si trasmuta in amore
Risvegliato illuminato come un Buddha silenzioso e centrato
Guaritore e servitore al servizio del Padre universale
Leggendario e luminare come un mago rinascimentale

Buongiorno Signor Guaritore
l'abbondanza si riversa all'umore
La poesia del mattino?
Creatore tu di questo destino
Scorre l'energia nel plesso
bussa l'energia nel centro
l'energia dell'universo
luce manifesto

Incredibile sostanza

Alchimista Creatore il rancore si trasmuta in amore
Risvegliato illuminato come un Buddha silenzioso e centrato
Guaritore e servitore al servizio del Padre universale
Leggendario e luminare come un mago rinascimentale

Alchimista Creatore
Risvegliato illuminato
Guaritore e servitore
Leggendario e luminare

Apr 13, 2014

The Shapes

The Shapes are an Italian Alternative Rock band that was formed in 2011, by Gabriella Ricciardi (lead vocals, keyboards), Marco Lo Franco (lead vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Alberto “Ruud” Tagliareni (Bass guitar, keyboards) and Gabriele Tagliareni (Lead Guitar, keyboards). The band originated in Palermo, Sicily. 

The group has released their first Ep called Tea Times Dreams ‘n Coffee Wishes in early 2012, that is a remake of some tracks of previous band of Ruud, M. Lo Franco and G.Tagliareni, called Anonymous Shapes. The band has been broadcast by several Italian and Britannic radio such as all.FM – Manchester and Krystal Radio – London). In Fall 2012 group has published three brand new singles called Cure, Heaven or Hell e Thank You, with a video clip of Daylight #2 (broadcast on  Mediaset Italia 2 channel, and some local TV station). 

The Shapes has also several positive reviews in Italian music blogs such as Rockit, Shiver Magazine and  Extra! Music Magazine. 

The Shapes - Time - Official Video

Pre-order the debut album "Gradation" featuring the song "Time" now on iTunes. http://theshapes.net/ Music video by Johnny Frames & The Shapes. ⓅⒸ 2014 The Shapes

Directed and edited by Johnny Frame alias Giovanni Cusimano

- YouTube - Johnmy Frame

- Vimeo - Johnmy Frame

Edited also by Alberto Tagliareni
Subject & Storyboard by The Shapes and Giovanni Cusimano

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Jan 26, 2014

Didier Euzet - TERESA PAINTS 982

Didier Euzet, a friend and a wonderful composer/ musician,dedicated this song and video to me. I am very touched and honored"....
 Didier Euzet - TERESA PAINTS (982)

Music, arrangements and performance by Didier Euzet. (C) 2014 Dream Team Production Los Angeles : +1 (661) 285-7275, Recording to the French Riviera Studios : +1 (415) 830-3907 / +334 / +336 WWW.EUZET.COM / Recorded - ProTools and Reason / East West Quantum Leap CCC Platinium. Find this music to www.oscarmelody.com the Didier's Radio. The most relaxing and dreaming music ever ...



Nov 8, 2013

Sandro Scuoppo

All those people who watch my live shows are used to listen to my music, to sing my songs and also to have fun with my jokes. They always see a big smile on my face. That’s what I am. A musician who loves to entertain his audience, to make them feel good. I’m so happy when I see people having a great time. Music can create magic feelings. And I love creating these feelings every night I’m on stage. And I can do it just by giving everything I have inside. I think that being a musician is a matter of passion. 

Thanks to a never-ending passion for my job i can reach my audience getting closer to them. And when I see people clapping their hands for me I feel really exited. I’m a very sensitive man and love to say always what I think. No matter what they think of me, I am simply myself, always! I'm first of all a saxophone player but I'm a singer and a song writer too. All the children victim of violence all over the world are always on my mind. Hope there will be a better world for them... Sandro

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ecco 1 altra delle mie canzoni inedite che ho voluto regalarvi..la dedico a chi si ama per davvero..sandro

 "Oxygen" music composed and sax played by Sandro Scuoppo facebook 

Musica scritta da Sandro Scuoppo..Arrangiamento e sax alto Sandro Scuoppo.."Oxygen" music composed and sax played by Sandro Scuoppo facebook fanclub..

Nov 4, 2013

Franck Courtheoux alias "AIMEMOTION"

Bio Aimemotion 


Etre né ouvre des "espaces".., des maux parfois et souvent avant les mots.. Le vent qui souffle "accueil" les âmes mortes et la pluie arrose les souvenirs..
Les saisons sont comme notre vie.. mêlées de soleil et d'ombres.. de chaleur et de fraicheur. Je pourrais dire que la vie se résume un peu en cela.. savoir vivre en toute "saison" ..
La main dans le ruisseau n'a pas forcément la même approche en hiver ou en été.. et pourtant, c'est toujours la même eau.. Les vagues sont continuelles.. mais n'ont d'importance que dans nos émotions.. ainsi va la vie...
Le monde a besoin "d'émotion".. et le temple intemporel a besoin de vibrer comme une note à l'infini.. Bonne écoute et prenez le temps d'être vous..



Caminatas Sagradas Mayas


 "Caminatas Sagradas Mayas" Un hommage au Chemin Sacré des Mayas sur des photos exclusives de mon ami chaman "elDoc" qui relate cette avancée et ce parcours vers notre propre lumière sur une de mes nouvelles musiques chargées d'Aimemotion....
Cette première vidéo sera diffusée au Mexique, grâce à l'aide de mon ami Olivier Pascalin dit "elDoc" qui tournera en boucle dans certains lieux publiques.....
Une version longue est aussi en cours ....^)^..
bizousss les zamis et bon voyage....
Protection Sacem N 568305

Sep 30, 2013

Didier Euzet - Composer

Hi !
I am a composer. I wrote my music and got it recorded. I am now looking for a Music Manager to sell my music out to existing Music Supervisors, filmmakers, TV producers and publicity agents, artists, etc. Are you interested to work with an original French composer, unknown in US ? Please kindly contact me: d@euzet.us example of my music production : http://youtu.be/8BjnK9iwGCI
Thank you so much!
Didier EUZET composer d@euzet.us TEL : +1.415-830-3907
MOB : +33.661.929.499

FAX : +33.978-592-887



Radio Music: http://www.oscarmelody.com/

Aug 22, 2013

Mike Tipton

Mike Tipton was in construction for over 35 years and retired in 2009 when he was disabled at work. He thought he would try writing songs about feelings and experiences he'd had through the years and learn to play guitar and keyboard, now that he had time LOL. So to make a long story short Mike has had 40 songs published through a publishing company and joined ASCAP,and has his own studio for production of his music. 

Mike has learned to produce videos and put them on you-tube , this last year he was able to join CMA / ASSOCIATION , and become approved as a country music artist.



Jun 10, 2013

Trevor Waugh

Trevor was born in 1952 and grew up in London. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1970-1974 under the guidance of Sir William Coldstream, Professor of the Slade at that time. Patrick George, Euan Uglow, Phillip Sutton, David Hockney and Bernad Cohen were all influential tutors for him and the Slade. Trevor was invited to exhibit alongside Sir William Coldstream at The Collegiate Theater in his first year. He was also a contributor to the Young Contemporaries Exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1972.

Trevor obtained a distinction for his Post-Graduate certificate in illustration when he studied with Ernest Jones at Croydon College of Art from 1978-1979. He then went on to work as a successful freelance illustrator in London for nine years. His clients included the major publishing houses, Penguin Books, Heinemann, Cassell, Collins and the BBC.

Trevor returned to fine art and his own paintings in 1988, following a move to the Cotswolds. In recent years he has traveled extensively in the Middle East: First visit in 1995 where he was Artist in Residence at the Majlis Gallery Dubai culminating in a One-Man show there. Several exhibitions and painting trips to the Emirates include The New Orientalist Exhibition in Abu Dhabi and various one-man shows have gained him a lasting reputation there. His paintings can be found in the Royal Collections of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. In the same year of 1995 Trevor was invited to travel in the USA to tutor at Cleveland State College in Tennessee. He was also Resident artist at the River Gallery in Chattanooga.

1977-1978 saw a visit to Morocco, resulting in a Exhibition at the Trevor Waugh Studio sponsored by the Moroccan Embassy in the UK. Trevor has also made frequent visit to Venice, his beloved city, Florence and Rome.

Trevor is founding member of The New Orientalists, a group of mostly UK based artists that travel the East and paint there. France has also featured in painting trips for Trevor as well as Spain.

Trevor live and works in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. He also runs painting courses for beginners as well as professionals at his studio.

His books "Winning with Watercolour" become a top-selling title and his recent books "You can Paint Animals" and "You can Paint Flowers in Watercolour" are published by Harper Collins. Other titles includes "30 minute Flowers in Watercolour" and "30 minute People in Watercolour".  His international ronowned book "The Emirates through the Eyes of an Artist" was sponsored by HSBC and published by Motivate in Dubai.

Recent Exhibitions include "That's Jazz, Voices from the Past" at the Garden Gallery Exhibition, "Walk into Our World" at the Atrium in Dubai International Finance Centre with Mawaheb from Beautiful People "2011 and Painting for Celebrities at the 8th Dubai International Film Festival 2011".

Trevor also writes and records his own Music for soundtracks and songs. Featured on Radio and TV and now also on You Tube accompanying his painting videos on CHANNEL: Slade1952

London Impressions by Trevor Waugh 


Slideshow of Impressionistic oils and watercolour paintings of London by Trevor Waugh, accompanied by a soundtrack written by Trevor.